Class III electric lift trucks need stability casters?
Apr 30, 2019

Class III Electric lift trucks are electric pallet jacks you'll usually encounter as both walk-behind (walkie) and rider models. Counterbalanced walk behind stackers and units featuring straddle legs also fall into this category.


These will have vertical or horizontal movement and lift loads ranging from 2,000 - 8,000 lbs. The operator position is always in the front of the truck and controls the equipment through a steering tiller. All controls are mounted on the top of the tiller and the tiller is moved side to side to steer the truck. 

Most equipment in this category lifts loads only a few inches off the ground however the stackers lift to heights commonly found on forklifts. This class of equipment is typically used to unload delivery trucks and are best for short distances to a staging area or in small warehouses.

So why the need for stability casters?  

A stabilizer caster evens out the load balance by providing another point of contact with the ground in addition to the Drive Tire at the driver position and the load bearing wheels under the forks.  They also feature shock performance to stabilize the load as it corners. Acting as a shock also reduces wear on the electrical components. Onboard chargers, tiller cards, and motor controllers are just a few examples of components you'll replace less often when utilizing a high-quality stabilizer caster.  

All stabilizer casters are not created equal. When replacing an OEM caster or converting stabilizer bar to a caster, you'll get the most bang for your buck when you trust Generic Parts Service with your order.


The stabilizer casters we feature are engineered as a drop-in replacement for Crown, Hyster, Raymond, and Yale electric lift trucks.

  • Less height and performance deterioration over time than traditional metal springs for reliable and consistent performance. Advanced technology includes a premium polyurethane block to replace the use of unreliable metal springs while also providing greater stability in cornering.  
  • Premium polyurethane block technology creates greater stability by reducing oscillation and rocking effect the equipment experiences. 
  • Important heavy-duty construction with 0.25" thick steel plates and with minimum welds to reduce weak spots. 
  • Convenient Height Adjustments offer an easy three-position adjustment bolt to eliminate the hassle of additional spacers
  • Uses a larger wheel (4" O.D.) with the toughest polyurethane compound available and high quality sealed bearings for a longer wheel life 
  • Rust-Proof Zinc plated parts and a grease-able wheel or axle for corrosive environments 
  •  Less downtime means higher productivity!

I have a skid plate, can I upgrade to the caster?

From the factory, some walkie pallet jacks feature a skid plate and not the caster assembly.  This design has its limits and will never provide the benefits of reduced electrical repairs or true load stability.  Our stabilizer casters feature the same bolt pattern and are an easy solution to upgrade your equipment.

The Yale MPB 040 E is an example of one model you can replace the skid plate with our premium stabilizer caster.

Replace stabilizer bar part number YL 524149414 with stabilizer caster part number  YL 580023164



Check out our website for stabilizer caster part numbers and current pricing. Ready to learn more or place an order?  Call our highly knowledgeable customer service team at (888)999-7715 or email support@fastliftparts.com     

Do you have manual pallet jacks in your fleet?  We have a YouTube channel featuring  "How To" videos. Here are some of our customers' favorites!

How-to videos:

When was the last time you replaced your load wheels

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