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Common Repair Parts Needed
May 01, 2020

Here are some Common Replacement Parts needed for Forklifts and Electric Lift Trucks

Tip: Less machine downtime = more productivity, and a better ROI over your equipment's life cycle.


  •  Have you got a leak? Most common leak points are hydraulic hoses. Check for cracked rubber and exposed wire structure. Make sure the contact points are properly sealed. Fast Lift Parts carries a huge inventory of industrial seal kits and pallet jack seal kits. We sell kits for the leading manufacturers of pallet jacks, material handling equipment, dump trucks, farming equipment, and logging equipment.


  • Are you having travel or lift issues? Check for leaks, cracks, and wear. We have seal kits, mast leaf chains and everything you need to get moving 
  • Is your unit was running rough? We carry replacement alternators, starters, repair kits, and many other engine parts as well as replacement engines.
  • Are you having electrical issues, including problems with buttons, switches, pedals or other electrical parts? Make sure wires are not broken or chafe against each other. Switches can mechanically break or corrode. We have a large selection of buttons, boards, switches, wiring harnesses, and pedals as well as many other commonly replaced items.


  • Are your important safety features, like horns, back up alarms and lights in good working order? Some of these wear over time, but most suffer damage. Check your warehouse for obstructions and damage points. Install the accessories inside the overhead guard or within the body of the machine. If broken: We have all of these accessories and more to keep your equipment up to safety standards.

  • Are your seatbelts and seats in good working order? In most cases, the entire assembly (seat belt, seats or cushions) needs to be replaced to fix the reported issue.  We have aftermarket seat replacements for a wide variety of machines. 
  • Have you replaced your batteries but they are still having trouble charging up? Battery life should be roughly 5 years but many factors can influence that. Make sure your battery has enough water and check regularly. We have replacement battery chargers for most brands. We also carry battery connectors.
  • How is the condition of your frame and undercarriage? Making sure your frame and undercarriage are in good working order maximizes worker and product safety as well as the working life of your equipment. We have bushings, tension bars, link assemblies, riser assemblies and more to keep you operating safely.


  • Have you inspected your wheels lately? Chunked or worn tires or load wheels? We carry wheel kits for most brands of forklifts which include the load wheel assemblies with bearings pressed, along with axles and fasteners. We also have the drive tires and caster assemblies you need.

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