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Forklift Tires
May 02, 2022

Lift Truck Tires


Free tire pressing service available with the purchase of a new tire or tire and wheel combo. Tire and hub assemblies are available in stock for many of the most popular electric pallet trucks. If you don't see what you are looking for here, just call us at 888-999-7715 or email us at support@fastliftparts.com.


Poly tires are recommended for electric trucks, especially when ridden or capable of lifting above 4 feet, due to the superior stability vs. rubber tires. Polyurethane also has less rolling resistance than rubber which increases efficiency.

Polyurethane tires are harder, can carry greater loads and will outlast a rubber tire by as much as 4 times.  However, they also have less cushioning ability.  Polyurethane tires offer improved traction with different tread types without sacrificing load capacity.  They are more durable and are less likely to suffer from chunking, tearing or delaminating.  Polyurethane tires are able to roll over debris and rough floors with less likelihood of cutting or tearing.


Polyurethane can be slippery when wet but tread styles, such as the Diamond Groove or XGroove are available for wet and cold floor conditions while maintaining high load capacities.


Rubber tires can offer a softer ride and are generally used outdoors on the larger propane and internal combustion lift trucks.  Rubber tires dissipate heat well and are recommended for use at higher speeds. They offer a broader footprint providing better traction, particularly in wet conditions, but have lower load capacities.  Rubber tires are typically made with carbon black and because of this will mark indoor floors.



Tread Patterns


Smooth – Smooth surface tires are best on clean floors and standard warehouse environments.  There are several types of smooth tires.  SC = smooth crown. SF = smooth flat.  These can also have tapered sidewalls TSW or straight sidewalls SSW


X-Groove, also known as Diamond Groove (XG) – These have an X or Diamond pattern cut in the tire surface, best for wet floors and freezer areas.  


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