Safely turn over a jack
Sep 17, 2018

Sometimes we encounter a question like "Is routine maintenance or inspections really needed on a pallet jack?"  Or "What is the recommended maintenance on a jack?"  The simple answer is yes, routine maintenance is important when it comes to getting the most out of your pallet jack. 

Depending on the size of your operation a pallet jack may be easily replaceable or it may very well be an integral part of the the livelihood of your whole company.  Where ever you may land in the spectrum we can all agree throwing money away thru lack of maintenance can negatively impact the bottom line.

Most of the parts you'll need to keep an eye on are found in the underbelly of the unit. We want to give you practical instructions on how to safely to get to the underside of your pallet jack for two reasons. 

The best way to turn over your pallet jack and expose the undercarriage that keeps you and your equipment safe. We've created a line of instructional 'How To' videos and below you'll find a link to one on safely flipping over a manual pallet jack.  

YouTube - How to flip your jack.

Once you have it turned over and still have full use of all your fingers and toes the next question is "What should I be looking for?"

Start with the Pallet Jack Wheel Inspection (Load and Steer)

Measure the Wheel diameters...

  • Are they worn down 0.25” or more from new?  (I.e. 3” diameter load wheel worn to 2.75” or 7” diameter steer wheel worn to 6.75”)
  • Is there excessive debris embedded in the wheel tread or chunks of the polyurethane tread material missing?
  • Are there strings or other material wound around the axle preventing the wheel from turning freely?
  • Do you see visible cracking of the steer wheel hub around the bearing?

Always replace both load wheels or steer wheels even if only one wheel meets the criteria for replacement.

Inspect the entry rollers. If they do not turn freely or are visibly damaged, replace.

We recommend performing the above inspection every 6 months.

If you have suggestions for topics on more how to videos we can make for you, please leave a comment letting us know!

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