Wheels / Wheel Kits / Tires

Industrial wheels, tires, pallet jack replacement wheels, and wheel kits come in all sizes, but finding the right lift truck wheels for manual pallet jack doesn't have to be difficult. Use our product search in order to find wheels for any of your manual pallet jack parts. Free tire pressing with the purchase of a press-on drive tire and hub!
  • .GWK-VJ2-CK


    Complete Wheel Kit Includes, (2)Ultra...

    $ 127.28

  • .GWK-VJ2-LW


    Load Wheel Kit Includes (2) Ultra Pol...

    $ 78.72

  • TG-5500-2-SW


    Toe Guard Kit Fits ValuJack 5500-2 M...

    $ 99.00

  • VJ

    VJ 55F35

    Load Wheel Assembly, Ultra Poly 70D B...

    $ 37.47

  • VJ

    VJ 55F35-KIT

    Load Wheel Kit, (2) Ultra Poly Load W...

    $ 78.72

  • VJ

    VJ 55F35N

    Load Wheel Assembly, White Nylon W/Be...

    $ 35.24

  • VJ

    VJ 55F35S

    Load Wheel Assembly, Steel W/Bearings...

    $ 40.19

  • VJ

    VJ 55F8

    Steer Wheel Assembly, Black Poly on N...

    $ 40.52

  • VJ

    VJ 55F8-HD

    Steer Wheel Assembly, Red Ultra Poly ...

    $ 54.23

  • VJ

    VJ 55F8-OEM

    Steer Wheel Assembly, Black Poly On I...

    $ 47.78

  • VJ

    VJ 55F8N

    Steer Wheel Assembly with Bearings So...

    $ 41.48

  • VJ

    VJ 55F8R

    Steer Wheel Assembly, Rubber on Alumi...

    $ 0.00

  • VJ

    VJ 55F8S

    Steer Wheel Assembly, Solid Steel, W/...

    $ 60.54