Are your forklifts and your pallet jacks ready for the Holiday Season?


Here are five important items for your checklist to make sure your warehouse is prepared.

  1. Check your warehouse floors and outdoor loading areas to make sure the workplace is clean and clear of any obstacles. Make sure that debris and spills are cleaned and swept up so that your operating environment is safe for your equipment to operate in. Debris and spills can ruin or shorten the life of your wheels or get in the way of your loads. 

  1. Inspect the wheels on your pallet jacks and forklifts regularly to make sure that they are rolling easily and that there are no flat spots or delamination. Over time, the poly or rubber on your wheels can crack or wear unevenly resulting in unstable and unsafe loads. This can cause additional stress on your machine and on your workers' hands and arms due to vibration and rolling instability. We offer convenientwheel kits for manual pallet jacks and electric lift trucks



  1. Have you looked at the forks lately?  Make sure there are no cracks or damage as the forks bear the brunt of the load. Using a damaged jack can cause a load to shift and fall and may damage products or cause injuries to your workers.


  1. Check the hydraulic pump for leaks and make sure that it is operating properly. Does it pump up and hold your load? Does it lower safely? 



  1. Test the handles, levers, controls, and horn where applicable, so that you are confident everything is working properly before you add a heavy load. 



Check our website for replacement parts you need, and contact us for any technical support.

Here is a list of instructional videos of the most common pallet jack repairs:

How to bleed the hydraulic unit

How to remove corroded or rusty load wheel axles

How to replace load wheels

How to replace steer wheels

and more  How To Instructional Videos


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