Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me ID my pallet jack?

Yes. The hydraulic pump is the main identifying point of a pallet jack. We have found the best way to identify the make and model of a pallet jack is by seeing a side view photo of the hydraulic unit.

We have line drawings for many of the most common pallet jack on our website to help you compare and identify your pallet jack model.


Perhaps you have looked at the line drawings but are not quite sure. We can help you identify your pallet jack. You can email the picture to or text it to us at our dedicated text line - 503-523-8990. Be sure to let us know what information you have on the jack and what parts you are looking for. Then we can respond with parts information and if possible a quote. And you can always call us at 888-999-7715 for assistance during our normal business hours 6 AM to 4:30 PM PDT.

Do you offer technical assistance?

Yes. We have many parts line drawings available online for both manual pallet jacks and electric lift trucks. We also have a Blog that has many articles to help you with technical questions. And you can email us at or call us at 1-888-999-7715.

Do you ship internationally?

We do accept international orders online. Just add the items to the shopping cart and then input your complete shipping address to see the total quote with freight. We are not responsible for duties or taxes in your country.

Can we use our own UPS or Fedex account number for shipping?

We do not have a function for third party billing on our website. To see if we are able to use your UPS or Fedex account number, you will have to call us to order or to get a quote at 1-888-999-7715.

Does free shipping on orders over $650 apply to all items?

Unfortunately, no. Due to their size and/or weight, some items are not eligible for free shipping. Similarly, some items can only be shipped LTL. You may call us at 1-888-999-7715 for an LTL freight quote.

What is the difference between a Standard, Slim, and Super Seal Kit?

A Standard Seal Kit contains all parts included in the manufacturers' standard seal kit.
A Slim Seal Kit contains only the most essential and commonly replaced seals. It does not contain enough parts to completely rebuild a hydraulic unit.
A Super Seal Kit contains all parts included in a standard seal kit, as well as additional parts. A Super Seal Kit has the most commonly needed parts beyond the standard seal kit to do a complete rebuild of the hydraulic unit

How do I determine which type of wheel I need for my pallet jack?

The type of floor material and the type of wheel material used will have a definite effect on the performance of your equipment.
Poly and Ultra-Poly Treads: The most common wheel treads.
   Poly Wheels: Ideal for display floors, carpeting, and warehouses. They mark floors the least and roll easily and quietly.
   Ultra-Poly    Wheels: Longer lasting and they roll more easily than regular Poly. Ultra-Poly is very hard and won't shatter like nylon. They are also non-marking.
Nylon Wheels: Best for cold storage applications, as well as for use in environments that may cause rust or corrosion.
Steel Wheels: Best for use on factory floors where there may be metal shavings or debris on the floor, and where noise is not an issue.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Absolutely. Please include your PO number in the 'Order Notes' field of your shopping cart prior to checkout. Of course, you may also contact us by phone or e-mail to place an order.

Do you have information on Hydraulic Oil?

Please see this page.