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Crown Pallet Jacks
Mar 01, 2021

Crown Pallet jacks are still some of the most popular we hear about.

Here are some helpful hints when repairing and performing maintenance on your Crown pallet jacks
  • Never hammer directly on an axle; always use a pin punch.
  • Always replace old roll pins. The PTH 50 has blind roll pin holes in the pivot axle and in the shoulder pins. It is very important to use the correct roll pin in these locations to prevent damage to the mating parts.
  • Replace accessible bushings whenever the jack is disassembled. Our custom designed bushing extractor makes it quick and easy to remove all bushings on the Crown jack.


Serial numbers can be found on the A-Frame:

Crown PTH Serial numbers are 3-118400 to 3-999999.

Crown PTH-50 Serial numbers are 7-000000 and higher

Newer Crown PTH-50 Serial numbers 7-500000 and higher



Load Rollers

Load rollers should have neither flat spots nor large pieces of metal imbedded in them (i.e. tacks, nails or metal shavings). Any chips in the wheel that keep it from rolling smoothly indicate the need for replacement. 

Always change the wheels in pairs to reduce uneven wear. 

New load rollers have an outside diameter of 3" (PTH50) or 3 1/4" (PTH). If the diameter is worn more than 1/4" from normal size, replacement is necessary.

Need to replace your load wheels? See current pricing and availability here.


Steer Wheels


Steer wheels should have neither flat spots nor large pieces of metal imbedded in them (i.e. tacks, nails, or metal shavings). Chips in the wheel which keep it from rolling smoothly indicate replacement.

Steer wheels should turn freely. They should not rub the bottom of the traverse. If they do, check for the correct installation of the snap ring under the traverse. 

The PTH50 uses 7” wheels, and the PTH uses 8” wheels. If the diameter is worn more than 1/4" from the normal size, replacement is necessary.

Need to replace your load wheels? See current pricing and availability here.


Inspect the handle for cracks and structural integrity. There should be minimal side play in the handle bracket. Check for worn bushings.

If bushings are not replaced regularly, the handle bracket holes can become worn. Damaged holes cause pin failure and may require complete replacement. Also, inspect the handle pin and roller for flat areas and wear. If any of the above parts are worn more than 1/16", replace them.

Need to replace the handle? We can show you step by step how to do it in this video:


Hydraulic Unit


Inspect the outside of the pump for oil leaks. Test the unit, under a load, to determine if there is a problem. This can be done by lifting a heavy pallet and letting it stand for 15-20 minutes. Below are symptoms and solutions to common hydraulic unit failures. If the following solutions fail to correct the problem, a complete rebuild of the malfunctioning unit may be necessary. Please refer to our website for information about ordering the appropriate seal kit, or take advantage of our hydraulic unit replacement program 888-999-7715. 

For troubleshooting any of these problems, follow the steps:

  • Jack fails to lift load.
  • Jack fails to lower
  • Jack lifts in short increments
  • One fork lifts, the other does not


Service Hints

• Tampering and abuse are two of the most common problems. In most cases, minor repairs become major when inexperienced people attempt to rebuild a hydraulic unit. If you come across a unit that looks like it has been tampered with or modified, inspect the unit carefully to be sure it can be rebuilt or call Generic Parts Service for technical assistance.

• The pump piston and ram are polished to a fine finish for maximum seal life and minimum oil leakage. If you see these surfaces nicked or pitted, this will cause the unit to fail in a short time. Replace any rusty or damaged parts that will cause premature wear on their mating parts or the body of the hydraulic unit.

• Use UNI-HO hydraulic oil. Do not use automotive oil or hydraulic brake fluid.

• If you do need to rebuild your Crown Hydraulic unit, you can learn how-to through our videos:

Part 1: How to disassemble Crown PTH50 Hydraulic Pump from the handle

Part 2: How to disassemble Crown PTH50 Hydraulic Pump

Part 3: Rebuild the Crown PTH50 Hydraulic Unit with the new seal kit

You can find all Crown replacement parts on our website

We offer quality after-market parts - OEM quality or better - same day shipping, and technical advise should you need it. 


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