How To Bleed A Hydraulic Pallet Jack

We assume that you have already added oil to the hydraulic unit. If not, please add the oil first before proceeding to bleed your hydraulic unit.

Tools Needed To Bleed A Pallet Jack

  • Allen wrench

4 Steps To Bleed A Pallet Jack

Hello my name is Chris. Today we'll cover how to bleed the air out of the hydraulic unit on your manual pallet jack. 

  1. So, the first thing you want to do, if you haven't checked in a while, is remove the fill plug on the front of the reservoir.
  2. You'll want to check the oil level and add fluid until it just starts to run back out of the hole and replace the plug. Then, tighten it down. 
  3. The next thing you want to do is place the control lever in the lower position, squeeze the handle, and pump the jack 10 to 12 times. Move the handle completely up and down and this will cycle any air that might be in the valve out of the system.
  4. Place the lever back in the pump position and test it. Testing this will also remove any debris or small particles that might be stuck in the valve system. 

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