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Most Worn Parts on Forklifts
Jul 30, 2021

Forklift Parts You Need To Keep An Eye On


Forklifts require regular maintenance and daily checks. You should make sure the most important forklift parts are checked and double-checked! Some parts contribute more than others when it comes to safe use. Keep the parts listed below always properly maintained.

Unexpected downtime due to breakdowns can have a negative impact on operations. We recommend to have common forklift parts on hand for maintenance and repairs.


If your forklift tires are bald, cracked or worn you need to replace them - before an accident happens! Without the correct tires, with sufficient tread, the driver risks losing control of the forklift, especially on smooth floors.


Warning Indicators

The lights, signals, horn and more are taken to be a single part which works for accident prevention. Included in the warning indicators is the display showing pressure and temperature of the transmission and engine. Fixing any faults with warning indicators can prevent further costs down the line. Regular checks and maintenance are proven to be the best method to stay ahead of problems.



A forklift's brakes could be considered the most important part to regularly check and maintain. They are constantly working to decelerate and stop your forklift after every movement, often while the unit is carrying large amounts of cargo. Whether your unit has brake pads, drum brakes or other braking system such as oil-cooled, your brakes will need to be replaced regularly. It is imperative to check and replace worn-out brakes at the first sign of wear to ensure the forklift can be stopped safely and in a timely manner. Failure to maintain brakes properly will more than likely result in injury, even fatality, and product or capital equipment damage.


Mast Chains

Mast chains are used to extend a forklift's mast and carriage. With every movement they are put under incredible strain. As they're responsible for the lifting of heavy loads and managing the weight at extended heights, mast chains need to be checked on a regular basis and replaced at the first sign of wear or damage. Failure to properly maintain and replace damaged mast chains can lead to severe injuries, fatalities, and product damage.



Regularly replacing filters as per manufacturer's routine maintenance guidelines is imperative to prolonging the operating life of a forklift. Dirty or clogged filters can be a sign of an operating area with poor air quality or cleanliness that needs improving for better health and safety.


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