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Reduce the risk of foot injury with pallet jack toe guards

Some pallet jacks are capable of carrying 2000kg and this weight creates a risk of injury. The majority pallet jacks, electric or manual, require the operator to walk along with them, and many operators will be lifting goods on and off the forks.

With non-powered pallet jacks, complete control over the movement must be supplied by the operator.

The operator must keep control of the pallet jack at all times and be especially cautious on ramps and slopes.

OSHA reports that from 2002-2016 a total of 56 major injuries occurred involving pallet jacks.

So what can you do?

In addition to keeping your pallet jack in good condition, and observing all safety rules, you can protect your feet with a toe guard.

  • Protects against foot injury by reducing the risk of pallet jack rolling over operators foot
  • Self adjusting shroud adjusts to uneven floors and various pitches of dock plates and ramps
  • Allows full range of steering motion One bolt installation on many pallet jack models
  • Pallet Jacks available equipped with our Toe Guard.
  • Available for these models. Call us if you don’t yet see your model listed.

We offer the toe guard already assembled to the steer wheels, or just the guard so you can install it onto your steer wheel.

Installation is easy!

Just follow along our step-by-step videos:

How-to install the toe guard.

To order call 800-331-0839, or email us!

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