ValuJack 2: The Best Pallet Jack Brand

ValuJack 2: The Best Pallet Jack Brand

Introducing the ValuJack2, the ultimate solution for all your material handling needs. With Fast Lift Parts, you can trust that the ValuJack2 is in stock right now, ready to be shipped to your doorstep. This manual pallet jack features a cast iron pump with a galvanized finish, ensuring superior corrosion resistance and long-term reliability. The poly/steel steer wheels and solid nylon load wheels provide excellent maneuverability and durability. The ValuJack2 also boasts an ergonomic rubber grip handle with a 3-function hand control and foot release, making it easy to operate. Worried about your toes? Add the DuraGuard Toe Guard to your ValuJack2 and work with confidence. With a reinforced handle base, this manual pallet jack can handle heavy loads with ease. Plus, you have the option to add backrests and brakes for added convenience.  

Rest assured, replacement parts are always in stock, and the ValuJack2 comes with a three-year limited warranty for any manufacturer's defects. Get your ValuJack2 today! 

ValuJack 2 Features 

  • In stock right now 
  • Cast iron pump with a galvanized finish for superior corrosion resistance and long term reliability 

ValuJack 2 Steer Wheels 

  • Poly/steel steer wheels; solid nylon load wheels with options for other wheel materials.

    ValuJack Control Features 

    • Ergonomic rubber grip handle w/3-function hand control and foot release 
    • Reinforced handle base 
    • Options are available for backrests and brakes 

      Fast Lift Parts Warranty For The ValuJack 2 

      • Comes with a three-year limited warranty covering manufacturer's defects 
      • Replacement parts always in stock 

        Toe Guard

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        What is the Valujack 2 pallet jack? 

        The Valujack 2 pallet jack is a specific model of a pallet jack, which is a manual tool used for lifting and moving heavy loads on pallets. It is designed to provide efficient and reliable performance in various warehouse and industrial settings. 

        Where can I find replacement wheels for the ValuJack 2 pallet jack? 

        You can find replacement wheels for the ValuJack 2 pallet jack at authorized dealers or distributors of the Valujack brand. They should have the specific replacement wheels that are compatible with the ValuJack 2 model. 

        What are the important parts of the ValuJack 2 pallet jack? 

        The important parts of the ValuJack 2 pallet jack include the handle, forks, load wheels, steer wheels, hydraulic pump, and release lever. These components work together to enable the lifting, maneuvering, and releasing of loads on pallets. 

        What is the best pallet jack brand? 

        There are several reputable pallet jack brands in the market, including ValuJack, Crown, Toyota, Raymond, and Yale. The best pallet jack brand may vary depending on specific needs and preferences, such as load capacity, durability, maneuverability, and customer support. 

        Which pallet jack is best for a box truck? 

        The best pallet jack for a box truck would typically be a compact and maneuverable model that can easily fit into the limited space of the truck. Some recommended options include the ValuJack 2 pallet jack, Crown PTH Series, and Wesco CPII Pallet Jack. It is important to consider factors like load capacity, fork length, and overall dimensions when selecting the best pallet jack for a box truck.