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  • Hydraulic Unit Identification - *Atlas Zenith (Type 9) Hydraulic Unit
  • Atlas Zenith (Type 9) Hydraulic Unit Line Drawing
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*Atlas Zenith (Type 9) Hydraulic Unit

Identify your part using this line drawing of the Hydraulic Unit.

Locate a part on the frame.

  1. AT Z-1101 Pin
  2. AT Z-2102A Pump Piston
  3. AT Z-1104 Washer
  4. AT Z-1105 Spring Cap
  5. AT Z-1107 Spring
  6. AT Z-2104 Scraper
  7. AT Z-2105 U-Cup
  8. AT Z-2110A Pump Cylinder
  9. AT Z-1111 O-Ring
  10. AT Z-1112 Plug
  11. AT Z-1113 Copper Washer
  12. AT Z-1114 Spring Seat
  13. AT Z-1115 Spring
  14. AT Z-1116 Spring
  15. AT Z-1117 Spindle
  16. AT Z-1118 Valve Seat
  17. AT Z-1119 Valve Ball
  18. AT Z-1120 Pin
  19. AT Z-1121 Steer Axle
  20. AT Z-1122 Spring Pin
  21. AT Z-2123A Bearing Cover
  22. AT Z-1124 Thrust Bearing
  23. AT Z-2125A Traverse
  24. AT Z-1126 Snap Ring
  25. See Wheel Options
  26. AT Z-1129 Bearing
  27. AT Z-1130 Tab Washer
  28. AT Z-1131 Round Nut
  29. AT Z-1132 Hub Cap
  30. AT Z-1134 Spring
  31. AT Z-1135 Spring Guide
  32. AT Z-1136 Seal
  33. AT Z-1137 Release Pin
  34. AT Z-1138 O-Ring
  35. AT Z-1139 Adjustment Screw
  36. AT Z-1140 Lock Nut
  37. AT Z-1141 Release Lever
  38. AT Z-1147 Snap Ring
  39. AT Z-1123 Roll Pin
  40. AT Z-1148A Pump Base - Call for price and availability
  41. AT Z-1149 O-Ring
  42. AT Z-1150 Back-Up Ring
  43. AT Z-1151 Ram Cylinder - Call for price and availability
  44. AT Z-1152 Oil Plug
  45. AT Z-1153 Retaining Ring
  46. AT Z-1154 Washer
  47. AT Z-1155 O-Ring
  48. AT Z-1156 U-Cup
  49. AT Z-1157 Ring Seal
  50. AT Z-1158 Lift Ram
  51. AT Z-1159 Cylinder Cap
  52. AT Z-1160 O-Ring
  53. AT Z-1161 Scraper
  54. AT Z-1162 Ball
  55. AT Z-1172 Filter
  56. AT Z-1180 Roller Pin
  57. AT Z-1181 Roller
  58. AT Z-1182 Roll Pin
  59. AT Z-1183 Handle Base
  60. AT Z-1184 Pivot Pin
  61. AT Z-1186 Reservoir - Call for price and availability
  62. AT Z-1185 Roll Pin
  1. AT Z-2188 Complete Seal Kit

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