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Manual or Electric Jack?
Apr 01, 2022

When to use an electric pallet jack (or walkie), and when is a manual one preferable?

Most of the time the load capacity and application needs will determine the best type of material handling equipment you’ll need. 

A manual pallet jack, like the Valu-Jack 2, may be exactly what you need to get the job done for smaller applications – but an electric pallet jack, or walkie, might work just as well. The load capacities of these two aren’t much different, usually around 5,500 pounds for the Manual, while the Walkie might max out at around 4,500 pounds. How do you decide between the two?


Using a Manual Pallet Jack



Since the jack is manual, more loads mean more exertion for the operator and therefore is better used for shorter run times and quick material handling jobs. It’s an economical option whose size makes it highly versatile and ergonomic without any of the complexities of electrical wiring or battery maintenance. It’s a great fit for retail, cold storage, and general warehousing industries!


Using an Electric Pallet Jack (Walkie)



The Electric Walkie takes the strain off the operator, more fitting for longer runs and ease of operation when working on trailers, dock plates, and ramps or slopes. An electric disc brake comes in handy when working on a grade where you may need to stop.

Although a bit larger than a manual jack, the walkie is still great for moving products through a warehouse. Its drive motor makes it easier to navigate over dock plates and to both pull and raise loads, ideal for higher cycle applications. 

Which ever one you use, make sure you inspect it before using it, and monitor its wear parts. We recommend having always a new wheel kit on hand to avoid downtime.

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