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*Dayton 3KR84 Hydraulic Unit

*Dayton 3KR84 Hydraulic Unit

Identify your part using this line drawing of the Hydraulic Unit.

Locate a part on the frame.

  1. WW PM-1HB Shoulder Bolt
  2. WW PM-2HB Bushing
  3. WW PM-3HB Handle Bracket
  4. WW PM-4HB Lock Washer
  5. WW PM-5HB Bolt
  6. WW PM-6HB Handle Frame
    WW PM-HCA-B Handle Assembly
  7. WW PM-7HB Roll Pin
  8. WW PM-8HB Roll Pin
  9. WW PM-9HB Control Lever
    WW PM-CLK Control Linkage Assembly
    Includes Items 7,9,10, 12-15
  10. WW PM-11HB Control Rod
  11. WW PM-12HB Roll Pin
  12. WW PM-13HB Pin, Chain Link
  13. WW PM-14HB Chain
  14. WW PM-15HB Ajustment Pin
  15. WW PM-16HB Ajustment Nut
  16. WW PM-17HB Pin, Pressure Roller
  17. WW PM-18HB Pressure Roller
  18. WW PM-19HB Roll Pin
  19. WW PM-20HB Spring
  20. WW PM-21HB Spring Plate
  21. WW PM-1P Hub Cap
  22. WW PM-2P Snap Ring
  23. WW PM-3P Axle
  24. WW PM-4P Bearing
  25. Steer Wheel Assembly Options
  26. WW PM-6P Washer
  27. WW PM-7P Release Pin
  28. WW PM-8P O-ring
  29. WW PM-9P Spring
  30. WW PM-10P Nylon Washer
  31. WW PM-11P Srew Plug
  32. WW PM-12P U-cup
  33. WW PM-13P U-cup
  34. WW PM-14P Wiper
  35. WW PM-15P Lift Ram
  36. WW PM-16P Ball
  37. WW PM-17P Snap Ring
  38. WW PM-18P Spring Cap
  39. WW PM-19P Pump Piston
  40. WW PM-20P Spring
  41. WW PM-21P Wiper
  42. WW PM-22P U-cup
  43. WW PM-23P Roll Pin
  44. WW PM-24P Chain Roller
  45. WW PM-25P Valve Plug
  46. WW PM-26P O-ring
  47. WW PM-27P Spring
  48. WW PM-28P Valve Ball
  49. WW PM-29P O-ring
  50. WW PM-30P Ball
  51. WW PM-31P Pin
  52. WW PM-32P Roll Pin
  53. WW PM-33P Release Lever
  54. WW PM-34P Pivot Pin
  55. WW PM-35P Thrust Bearing
  56. WW PM-36P Snap Ring
  57. WW PM-37P Hydraulic Pump Assembly, Rebuilt
  58. WW PM-PCA Hydraulic Pump Assembly, New
  59. WW PM-38P Snap Ring
  60. WW PM-39P Set Screw
  61. WW PM-41P Adjustment Bolt
  62. WW PM-42P Overload Spring
  63. WW PM-43P Plunger
  64. WW PM-44P Check Ball
  65. WW PM-45P Plug Bolt
  66. WW PM-46P O-ring

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