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  • Lift-Rite (Big Joe) LRP 5000 Frame
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Fast Lift Parts

*Lift-Rite (Big Joe) LRP 5000 Frame

Identify your part using this line drawing of the frame.

Locate a part on the hydraulic unit.

  1. LF PL90503A Bushing
  2. LF PL90802A Lifting Link
  3. LF PL90525A Bushing
  4. LF PL10207 Shoulder Pin
  5. LF PL90806 Bushing
  6. LF PL20231 Traverse
  7. LF PL10205 Split Pin
  8. LF PL90569E Roll Pin
  9. LF PL90569D Roll Pin
  10. LF PL90504A Axle For Torsion Tube
    LF PL 90504B Axle For Torsion Tube
  11. LF PL10236PRES Lube Fitting
  12. LF PL90526A Bushing
  13. LF PL90527A Washer
  14. LF PL90524x48 Push Rod
  15. LF Pl90569F Roll Pin
  16. LF PL90519 Axle
  17. LF PL90525B Axle
  18. LF PL90512 Load Roller Bracket
  19. Load Roller Assembly Options
  20. LF PL90520 Steel Exit Roller
  21. LF PL90515 Axle
  22. LF PL10281 Entry Roller
  23. LF PL10285 Axle Assembly

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